LISTEN: Walter DeBarr Keeps His ‘Eyes to the Sky’

Back with that signature finger-picking style and inimitable growling vocals, Walter DeBarr intensely delivers “Eyes to the Sky,” a dark tale of perseverance, no matter the cost.

DeBarr has always been a gifted storyteller, and this single is no exception. The lyrics on “Eyes to the Sky” paint an image so vibrant, it’s as though you’ve lived this story before, as DeBarr’s deep, grizzly voice narrates a lost memory. Helping fill things out is a band consisting of McLean James on lead guitar, Steven Schumann on cello, JD Thomas on bass, Cameron Miller on drums, and Pamela Kesling on backing vocals. Together, DeBarr and his band have started leaning toward the blues rock side of things these days. Personally, I’m very excited to hear what else they have in store.

“Eyes to the Sky” is the first of several Walter DeBarr songs to be released in the upcoming year. It’s here in just enough time to be added to your holiday weekend playlists. Listen below!

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