LISTEN: Garrett Owen Releases an Intriguing Taste of His Forthcoming Album

Texas-born Garrett Owen has always taken the road less traveled. The son of missionary parents, the versatile troubadour’s upbringing in Africa was an atypical, yet enriching one.

Garrett’s unusual upbringing sparked a curiosity; one that has carried into his adult life, and is presented through the lens of musical experimentation. We can hear it loud and clear on his new single, “Hour in the Forest,” from the upcoming Quiet Lives album (due out Sept. 18).

The tune was inspired by two women — one of whom was a potential love interest, while the other left an indelible mark on Garrett, by way of a tattoo which featured a machine gun-wielding Harriet Tubman alongside a sword-carrying Joan of Arc. Finger-picked, alt-folk guitar stylings and soothing vocals provide us with a gentle, accessible introduction to the new single. Yet, for its tender introduction, “Hour in the Forest” slowly builds before ascending into the stratosphere in its second-half, courtesy of a Queen-inspired guitar solo that emerges in triumphant fashion shortly after the 3:30 mark.

If this is a preview of what Garrett Owen has in store for us on Quiet Lives, consider us intrigued! Check it out below.

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