Don’t Sleep on Dutch Duo, Gravity Circus; ‘Shuteye’ Out Now

The only time I would advise against tuning into Gravity Circus would be when you don’t want to have great songs stuck in your head all day.

With that warning aside, “Shuteye” is the brooding middle child of the Dutch duo’s 2020 releases.

It is so easy to get lost in this track. Nothing about this song feels like it was done in haste. Each texture and melodic motif is placed with absolute intention and care. Amidst the thick fog ,this dark and moody pop jam has stark lyrics regarding a life of solitude and alienation. Though rather intense, the tune bears a statement of hope; an acceptance of the past, and a renewed faith in the future. That’s an idea I can get behind.

Give our brothers across the pond some love. Stream “Shuteye” by Gravity Circus below!

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