PREMIERE: Melanie Bresnan’s Self-Medication Ballad, ‘Don’t Wanna Feel’

Nashville songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Melanie Bresnan has a few singles ready to go between now and 2021.

Her latest, “Don’t Wanna Feel,” is a 60s-inspired indie pop tune about self-medication after a breakup.

The tune carries autobiographical elements; “Don’t Wanna Feel” was partially written on a post-breakup bender, carrying a heavier meaning than Bresnan intended at the outset.

“I thought I’d written this amazing party tune. It took a friend asking if I was OK after hearing the lyrics to make me realize what the song was really about,” Bresnan recalled. “Even if I could lie to myself about my depression or the reason I spent two months avoiding having feelings, it came through in my writing.”

These uncovered emotions influenced the single’s artwork. Bresnan enlisted her friend and professional tarot card reader Kiki Dombrowski, who helped her choose The Moon tarot card as the visual representation for “Don’t Wanna Feel.”

“When it shows up in a reading, it’s often about illusion and fear. I can’t think of two words that better summarize the choice to check out of emotional pain with the help of substances,” Bresnan said. “Which isn’t to say that that isn’t sometimes a necessary part of the healing process, and doesn’t lead to good songs. But, it’s definitely just a stepping stone on the journey to emotional healing, not the destination.”

Despite its title, however, “Don’t Wanna Feel” is sure to make you feel something. It’s an vulnerable ballad drenched in soul, brought to life by Bresnan’s lively and robust vocals. We invite you to check it out below!

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