REVIEW: Kamber’s ‘West’ Finds Hope in Heartache

Enjoy, if you will, the sweet sounds of closure.

That’s what Kamber has for us on her latest single, “West,” a raw, stripped-down piano ballad “about reflecting on the past, letting go, and believing in a hopeful future.”

“I wrote this song after finding out that my ex (who I was with for six years) was finally leaving Nashville and starting a new life with another woman. It stirred up so many emotions — relief, sadness, anger, disappointment, hope, and everything in between,” Kamber recalled. “What came out was a track telling my story — the ways that I was swept away in a whirlwind romance, the ways that the harsh realities of our life together sunk in, and finally coming to a place of acceptance of what had happened. It’s my anthem in navigating my life now, and I’m proud of it.”

Recorded at Gnome Studios in Nashville and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Rob Shollenberger, “West” once again presents Kamber — vocalist of heavy alt-rock band Raviner — in a softer, vulnerable light than some listeners may be accustomed. The single showcases a heavy swirl of emotions, laced with a hint of regret. However, for all of the sadness that comes with a relationship’s end, the steadfast piano progression on “West” inspires the heartbroken to charge ahead; to accept what is, and look toward a new day’s promise.

Move on, move up, and get your first taste of “West” below!

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