The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, July 31

Massachusetts native Izzy Heltai is preparing to release his debut full-length album, Father, on October 9.

Heltai, who is trans, offers a unique view on coming to terms with, and accepting, your true self. On Father, he does this while delivering messages of empathy and accountability to the masses — at a time when they are, perhaps, more important than ever.

With that, let’s jump into the album’s first single, released today. “The Stranger You’ve Become” is an introspective folk ballad with hints of Southern twang; one which recalls the shock of “thinking you know someone intimately, and then realizing you never really did. It’s about facing the reality of hard truths.”

One thing is for certain — we’re glad that Izzy is no longer a stranger to us! Enjoy “The Stranger You’ve Become” as Friday’s Daily Spinn below.

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