On ‘Lord Knows,’ Sabrina Lentini Lets Heartbreak Lead to a Breakthrough

Sometimes, the most difficult emotions lead to a powerful songwriting experience.

Just ask Sabrina Lentini. Her latest single, “Lord Knows,” is a gentle country ballad written while she was in the midst of processing, in her own words, “a really tough heartbreak.” Lentini, who co-produced the track alongside William Stone, recalls the full range of emotions she felt, as she sat at her kitchen table and put this story down on the page.

“This song is dedicated to all my fellow believers in love, who can’t help but hold on tight,” Lentini said in a Facebook post. “Be patient with your heart. I’ve learned how important that is. I hope listening to ‘Lord Knows’ is as therapeutic as it was for me to write. Cry to it, dance to it, scream at the sky, or all the above.”

We’ll now give you the chance to do all of the above, when you check out “Lord Knows” below!

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