PREMIERE: The Slow Drag Wants What He Can’t Have in ‘Bad Medicine’

You can’t… you really shouldn’t… but you want it. Go ahead. It might hurt, but hell, it’s probably worth it. You’ll never know unless you try. You want to, don’t you? Of course you do…

The Slow Drag’s latest single, “Bad Medicine,” is the toxic pull of a temptress on her prey. The addiction of venomous lust. The draw of sweet, sweet poison that tastes so good and feels so bad. “One wants what they want. Sometimes, desire outweighs good judgment, and you just want what feels good, even when it feels bad.” Austin (The Slow Drag) expands.

As the song begins, dirty strings warn of danger ahead as drums pound ritualistically, as if welcoming a human sacrifice into the ring where he will be taunted and tortured, much to his pleasure. Our masochist lust-junkie pleas for his fix as we hear, “I need your healing hands to nurse me back to Hell…” — a line that most of us probably wish we didn’t relate to.

Musically, the song slams. Essences of Nashville locals Heavy Heavy Hearts and Bradford Loomis are clearly present, along with a strong dose of classics, like AC/DC and The Band. 

Better tighten your grip while she snaps those latex gloves into place and draws back the barrel of that hypodermic needle. This might sting…

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