UMC20: An Inbox Full of Love (Aug. 14, 2020)

Nevermind trying to squeeze just 20 songs into a “Best Of” compilation at the end of the month. We’re having trouble narrowing it down right now.

That’s the side effect of having an inbox full of love — keep it coming, by the way — and bountiful submissions to sample as we curate this week’s fire-filled offering. After careful deliberation, we think we have our shtuff together for the week — with some nice variety, to boot.

Now, back to the inbox. Please be patient as you await a response from someone over here. And, when it comes time to select from all of August’s prime cuts for the best of the month in a couple weeks, please pray for us!

Track listing
Max Viner – New Normal
Tape Tension – Moving Pictures
Kate Puckett – But R U Happy?
AMI ft. Jamila Woods – INNER G
Clover Jamez – At Ease (Black Lieutenant)
Sara Marie Barron – Silence
Chey Rose – For a Friend
Olivia Lunny – Hold Me
Michael Flynn – Easy to Love
Danny Wright – Help
Lone Kodiak – Make It a Weapon
Rosa Mystica – Holding Roses
Emily Gabriele – You Oughta Know
Foxtrot & the Get Down – Tell It to the Internet
Andrew LaVogue – Footfalls Echo
Of Eden – Another Man
Leaving Lennox – Not Ready (To Leave Just Yet)
Sam Robbins – Saying Amen
Laura Mustard – Treehouse
Devin Renee – Deadman Walkin’

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