LISTEN: Meredith Shock Writes the Ultimate ‘Happy Songs’

Summertime means a lot of fun songs are being released from both major label and independent artists in every genre. Nashville songwriter Meredith Shock has followed suit, and released “Happy Songs” to capture that feeling.

This mid-tempo bop was recorded at Magic Square Recording with producer Jordan Grubbs. The result is a country-meets-70s pop/rock production that sounds like an unreleased Colbie Caillat track, and I am here for it. The lyrics paint a perfect picture of the feeling you get when you go for a drive, cruising to your favorite music on a summer day.

When I asked Meredith her inspiration for the song, here’s what she had to say:

“I was inspired to write ‘Happy Songs’ when I was driving to work on a Tuesday morning and I started listening to the radio. There was a love song that just made me happy, because it reminded me of how a person was making me feel. I couldn’t help but smile and think ‘Wow! She’s got me singing along to the happy songs I’m listening to.’ It kind of was full circle, writing a happy song about singing along to happy songs. But, I think that happens when you love someone and you just relate to a song; sometimes, that just makes you happy, so I wanted to write about that moment. Considering some of my songs definitely aren’t always that happy [laughs], I wanted to release something that was!”

Meredith Shock, on ‘Happy Songs’

Make “Happy Songs” your new favorite happy song below!

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