PREMIERE: Charles Ellsworth’s Trippy ‘Paranoia (A Nü Start)’ Video

Earlier this summer, we had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Brooklyn-based indie folk artist, Charles Ellsworth, by way of his single “Paranoia (A Nü Start).”

Well, we now have the privilege of premiering the tune’s new music video — and let us tell ya, it’s a trip!

We mean that in more than one way. For one thing, the carefree traveler’s anthem is now supported by visuals that take Ellsworth all over this great land — from major interstates, to desert backroads and everywhere in between. For another, these adventures are presented through a psychedelic lens, befitting of someone who wants to get lost in an escapist haze and forget about his troubles.

The best part? The entire video was directed, edited, and produced by Ellsworth, save for some in-car special effects handled by Mark Ricks. The end result is a fun and whimsical DIY effort that can take you to any destination you desire.

So, how about we quit our yappin’, and let you take this ride for yourself? Watch “Paranoia (A Nü Start)” below!

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