LISTEN: AMI Releases First ‘Suite in A’ Movement, ‘Desires’

Today, we turn our focus back to the art originating from Chicago’s South Side, as we take a listen to Desires – Suite in A, the latest EP from AMI.

AMI — who has gained renown on Chicago’s music scene, both for her own performances and as the musical director for Jamila Woods — has released the Desires EP as the first movement in a three-part Suite in A series, which will showcase her versatility across genres including classic soul, R&B, and hip hop.

We hear all of this and more throughout Desires, starting (after the prelude) with “INNER G.” Featuring a guest spot from Woods, “INNER G” is a contemporary fusion of hip hop and soul, joined together by an undeniable jazz sensibility.

Coming up next is the shimmering lead single, “Smile.” Bright synths and an uplifting melody support AMI’s accepting, “come-as-you-are” message to the person she admires. The radio-ready single also offers us a touch of rock and roll, courtesy of an instrumental outro that showcases a triumphant guitar solo that serves the song exquisitely.

Last, but certainly not least, “Exclusively” surrounds a sensual melody sandwiched between a trap beat and future-pop vocal effects. The closing track updates classic R&B by applying modern production techniques, giving us an enjoyable moment for fans across generations.

We can’t wait for the next two movements of Suite in A. For now, here’s the first. Check it out below!

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