The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, Sept. 9

Johnny Gillespie is a multi-genre artist who hails from California, drawing influence from the likes of Eminem and Sublime’s Bradley Nowell to add shades of pop, hip-hop, and rock to his palette.

Gillespie’s hybrid sound comes to life on his new single, “Set Me On Fire,” released on August 28. Co-produced by Jin Wooh, the single was inspired by Gillespie’s own battle with bipolar disorder, and his calls out to the universe to uplift his mind and spirit.

“Sometimes I feel like the music says one thing to one person, and a completely different story to another,” said Gillespie. “This song is my mantra for being a phoenix rising from the ashes. I find my solitude in creating music that embraces who I am.”

Learn more about Gillespie’s fresh sound and approach when you check out “Set Me On Fire” as today’s Daily Spinn!

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