UMC20: Equinox Jams! (Sept. 22, 2020)

Happy fall! Or, happy autumn. Whatever you want to call it, it’s here.

The days will be getting shorter, and the air will be getting cooler for a while from here on out. To some of you, that may be exciting. To some, it certainly isn’t… *raises hand*

Nonetheless, we have constructed this week’s UMC20 to have 20 solid jams for any season, and we want to share them with you. We’ve done that below. If you could return the favor and give the playlist a follow over on Spotify, it would be much appreciated!

Track listing
Biletska – Fallen
Kenna – Static
Deanna Devore ft. D’Zhari – Love Again
Seint Monet – What Does It Mean
Brianna Musco – Never Stay
Dil – Anxious
John Lensing – Talk to Me
Ali Henderson – Strawberry Milkshakes
Ali Aslam – Photocopy
Mcclendon – Carnations
Jaymes Brass – Soul is a Mirror
Natalie Schlabs – Don’t Look Too Close
Nick Kingswell – There’s No Cure
Laura Mustard – Teach Me How to Lie
Garrett Owen – No One to Save You
Spirits Republic – On & Bound
Betty Moon – Don’t Stop Now
Moontower – Hit the Lights
Magazines – Happy Alone
Me Nd Adam – Something Better

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