PREMIERE: Paige Keiner Tackles Anxiety on ‘Inside My Mind’

Courtesy photo provided by Paige Keiner.

If you’ve ever thought yourself into a state of confusion and anxiety, you’re not alone. In fact, Paige Keiner wrote a song about it.

The Orlando native, who now resides in Nashville, will officially release “Inside My Mind” to the world this Friday. This mellow bop draws influence from contemporaries like Sia, Halsey, and Jon Bellion, and features the soulful anguish of Keiner’s smooth vocals over a trap beat, while a clean, contemplative electric guitar riff repeats like the thoughts that run inside of our heads.

“‘Inside My Mind’ was inspired by my experience with overthinking and anxiousness. I’ve always been my own worst enemy in that way, building up situations in my mind until they feel soul-crushing, only to wake up the next day and realize things were never actually that bad,” Keiner said. “It’s so easy to get trapped in that thought process (at least for me) and I still struggle with it; but I hope this song speaks to other people who feel this way and lets them know they’re not alone.”

Embrace the common humanity we all share, and be the first to hear “Inside My Mind” below!

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