Daily Spinn: Natalie Schlabs Takes Us to the ‘Eye of the Storm’

Photo credit: Fairlight Hubbard

For months, we’ve been following Natalie Schlabs along the journey to her new album, Don’t Look Too Close, which will release to the world tomorrow!

With that, let’s enjoy one last tune for good measure before the full-length release hits! Schlabs released “Eye of the Storm” on Oct. 4. Marked by stark, twangy guitars, the moody new single views a loved one’s self-destruction through an outside lens. With lines like, “Water’s rising / It’s not a big surprise / When you barrel through / Ignoring all the warning signs,” we come to the pained realization that we cannot stop the people we care about from making their own costly mistakes. Even so, “Eye of the Storm” maintains an undertone of steadfast hope that, perhaps, this time will lead to the breakthrough necessary for lasting change.

Head to the “Eye of the Storm” below. Then, prepare for the flood of high-quality tunes coming tomorrow!

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