Yelnats. Causes Us to Wonder if We’re Really ‘O.K.’

Does age truly make us wiser, if we just follow everyone else’s advice in lieu of our own truths?

Yelnats. ( real name Ian Dorset) ponders this question with his new single, “O.K.” Produced by Nick Cavin, the track’s luminous future pop soundscape provides a backdrop for Dorset to examine the social pressures and external advice that cloud our intuition. “O.K.” challenges us all to listen where we might choose to speak, as that may be the key someone needs to unlock their path toward self-discovery.

There’s also a strong sense of defiance and independence on “O.K.” — one that seems to scream “you don’t know what’s best for me,” in everything from the single’s lyrical content, to its artwork.

“The artwork is a photo of me as a kid waving my middle finger,” Dorset said. “Part of me just wanted to use it because it was funny, but it also seemed to be fitting for a song about growing older and still feeling like a kid who’s being told what’s good for you. “

The one piece of advice we will give here? Check this enlightening new tune out below!

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