UMC20: The Best of October 2020

It’s the last Tuesday of the month, and you know what that means: lots of tough decisions, as we attempt to narrow a month’s worth of music down to 20 prime cuts.

For as tough as this was, there’s something else looming large over us. See, it’s the end of October, which means that, this time next month, we’ll be putting our Best Of playlist for the entire year. Last year, we narrowed it down to 50 songs, which live in immortality right over here. For 2020, we’ll have to determine sooner rather than later if 50 is even possible, or if we should shoot a little higher (75? 100?!). Send all the #thoughtsandprayers you can muster, please.

In the meantime, here’s what we have for October. We hope you dig it!

Track listing
Me Nd Adam – The More I Grow Up
TIOGA – Imaginary Friend
Thunder Eagle – Sweet Anna
DaChri – That Dude
PuffHost – Tragedy of the Week
Rival Summers – Moment to Moment
Natalie Duque – Stay
Max Swan – Two for the Road
Paige Keiner – Inside My Mind
Rose Starring – Sad Girl Summer
Lord Goldie ft. Taryn Coccia – Larry’s Reign
Heru Heru – Title
S-Wrap – C’est La Vie
SeddyMac – Show & Prove
Fresh Lady – Shoot for the Moon
Jaymes Brass – No One Can
Phillip-Michael Scales – Tell Me How I Sound Again
Natalie Schlabs – Eye of the Storm
Riley Moore ft. Molly Parden – Mansion
Victoria Bailey – Spent My Dime on White Wine

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