Daily Spinn: Mary Moore’s Cosmic ‘Moonstone’ Video

Sometimes, it takes the right person to help you find an otherworldly kind of love.

That sentiment is felt across the galaxy as a result of “Moonstone,” the latest single from Nashville-based vocal powerhouse Mary Moore. Lyrically, the new single examines the inability we feel, at times, to see the light within ourselves — a theme juxtaposed by the tune’s bright, bubbly soundscape and Moore’s triumphant vocals.

As for the music video? It was directed and produced by Jimmy J. Naples, and features Moore as an extraterrestrial who meets and befriends a young man, played by Drew Tyler Howerton. Together, the pair explores the simple wonders of Planet Earth, in between cut scenes that serve as a nod to Moore’s ultra-expressive onstage performances (like the one we caught at EXIT/IN one night, before the ‘rona times began…).

Certainly, “Moonstone” will take you to a higher plane. It’s here as today’s Daily Spinn!

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