LISTEN: Moody Joody is Staring Down the ‘Villain’

Sometimes, we come to a point where our past mistakes force us to look in the mirror and face ourselves.

Alt-rock girl duo Moody Joody captures those moments on “Villain,” their latest single which dropped on Oct. 30. The single’s warm, spacious synths and fuzzy guitar licks set a new wave-meets-future pop vibe, providing a triumphant backdrop to contrast the difficult concession reached within the narrative.

“We’d both gone through similar experiences at different times in our lives, of being painted out to be certain people, but denied the kind of conversation that would’ve helped end narratives and seek truth somewhere in the middle between both parties,” said Kayla Hall of Moody Joody. “Sometimes, when you’re painted out to be a villain, you just have to take it and know your truth, and figure that the real truth is somewhere out there.”

“Villain” was produced by Nashville’s Andrew Pacheco, whom Moody Joody credits with taking the single to another level.

“When we got in the studio with Andrew, the first verse and chorus were pretty much already finished, and acted as the foundation to build the rest of the song,” Hall said. “Kaitie and I had been texting about the song for a few weeks before bringing it into the studio, but once we’re with Andrew, he knows exactly how to establish a vibe that allows those ideas and lyrics to really come to life, to the point where the song just kind of writes itself.“

Be a hero, and get a taste of “Villain” below!

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