LISTEN: Ria Marie’s ’90’s Baby’ Deftly Delivers Nostalgia

Want to go back to the 90s? All you have to do is ask, and Ria Marie will take you there.

The Nashville-based R&B artist — a distant relative of the trailblazing Carter Family, and the daughter of a singing prodigy associated with musical legends like Whitney Houston and Bob Marley — released “90’s Baby” on Friday. Situated on top of a live, soulful R&B arrangement, Ria Marie’s smoky vocals are abundant with nods to those innocent, golden days of our youth.

“‘90’s Baby’ has a nostalgic feel that takes me back to my childhood,” Ria offers. “So many incredible shows and artists came out of the 90s, and they created a new path for how the music and entertainment industry has evolved.”

See how many 90s references you can count when you listen to this one, and be sure to let us know in the comments! The Spotify embed is below… but first, check out this live performance video of “90s Baby!”

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