WATCH: Abigail Jerri’s ‘Mind’ Will Help You Drift Away

If you’re enjoying the time spent as the hours melt away, it can’t possibly be a waste.

That’s the vibe we catch from “Mind,” the new single and video from Abigail Jerri. The Pittsburgh native lent her sultry voice to an ultra-smooth melody, whisking us away like a gentle breeze over dreamy guitars and a trap beat. It’s the perfect tune to put your mind at ease.

“We have all experienced some tougher moments in life,” Jerri said. “This song takes you to the better moments that follow. Sometimes you need to “waste” time on whomever, or whatever, you love.”

Inspired by artists like SZA and Justine Skye, Jerri also drew from her own experiences working late and hustling to tell a story on “Mind.”

“I know a lot of people, no matter what time of day they work, can relate to this. Society doesn’t give us much of a break,” Jerri explained. “When we do get a break, it can be considered “wasting” time. I think breaks are important and not a waste.”

Now, for the video: It’s a lighthearted, choreographed romp featuring dancers Cameron Elias, Zion Rogers, “Jay.Rin” Rilko, Margaret Wuletich, Tony “Slink” Bazemore, Jr., and Jerri herself. Check out the fun they had in its finished form below!

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