UMC20: Give Thanks for These Jams (Nov. 17, 2020)

Next Tuesday is the last Tuesday of the month, which means that our Best of November UMC20 playlist will make its way to your ears at that time.

So, with that in mind, this is the last all-new UMC20 before Thanksgiving — and there’s plenty for which to be grateful on this week’s edition. As always, 20 different artists of various styles and sounds are represented — some you’ve heard, and some you haven’t. Yet, anyway.

On our end, we’re grateful that the inbox stays full every week! While it’s virtually impossible, at this point, to get to all of your submissions, we’re plenty thankful that we have so much quality at our fingertips every week.

So, here it comes! Check it out below, and head on over here and tickle that Follow button.

Track listing
Jakey Hearbreak – Don’t Be Afraid of Your Nightmares
Cadet Carter – The Best Part
Wesley David – Better Late Than Never
Collision Course – Run
Thunder Eagle – Double Bed
Seul – Nostalgia
Haley Ganis – The Motions
Ramita Arora and Natalie Duque – Me and You
Kenna – Harvest
Me Nd Adam – Lonely Always, CA
Jackson Dreyer – Control
Abigail Jerri – Mind
Lew McKenzie – Journey
Goodnite Robicheaux – Trexy
Mosey Beat – Wrong Number
Katie Basden – It Kills Me
Sleepy Gaucho – Starin’ Blank
This Frontier Needs Heroes – South Dakota
Flesh Eater – extinguisher
Ice Island – The Little Drummer Boy

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