LISTEN: brushstroke Gets Back in the Groove with ‘Freeze/Line’

Philly-based artist brushstroke (real name Eoin Murphy) spent much of 2020 devoting his time to other projects, helping the artists around him bring their visions to life.

As the year entered its latter stages, however, the inspiration struck to turn focus back his own project — which now includes the release of his new single, “Freeze.”

Released last month to all digital platforms, brushstroke’s latest effort blends neo-soul and R&B influences with a spacey, psych-pop haze. “Freeze” is built on top of a hypnotic groove and dreamlike synths, taking the listener to another realm as Murphy’s rich vocals paint a picture of a love not meant to last.

“The idea for ‘Freeze’ came about in early October. I had been messing with this Poly synth from the 80s that I had recently picked up, and the opening chord progression stood out to me for whatever reason,” he explained. “The bulk of the track came together pretty quickly.”

The new single is accompanied on the release by an up-tempo companion track, titled “Line,” whose radiant future pop glow and infectious synth progression create a light atmosphere. Together, the new tunes have informed brushstroke’s path forward, while paving the way for even more new music to come.

“(These songs) kind of got me back into the groove of working on my own stuff, and really inspired a few other songs that are forthcoming,” Murphy said.

With that, why don’t we give you the chance to dive into both? Enjoy ’em below!

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