Daily Spinn: Moonroof Recalls a ‘First’ Love

Remember your first love?

Moonroof does. The Philly-based indie pop band commemorate that moment in time with their new single, “First.” The tune shimmers with bright, glowing synths and a dreamy vocal from frontman Dave Kim, whose lyrics remind us that our first romantic encounter can serve as both a blessing and a curse.

“‘First’ is a song about dealing with memories of your first love, and how you might not love them anymore, but they are still a thought that gets in the way of your future encounters,” Kim explained.

For what it’s worth, Kim doesn’t seem to mind getting lost in that moment. Though we may find ourselves trapped by the warm memories of days gone by, “First” projects the comfort that comes as a byproduct — even if that very comfort prevents us from finding even greater love.

“The chorus brings a comfortable feeling, as if one is in a trance and going through the motions of remembering one’s first love,” Kim elaborated. “They made you who you are, and they will always be your first.”

Fall in love for the first time, all over again. Hear “First” as today’s Daily Spinn below!

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