Jeremy Stinson Puts Down the Glass on ‘One More Drink’

While taking part in sober January earlier this year, Jeremy Stinson had a chance to collect his thoughts, eat healthier, and write a lot of songs.

One of those songs — his latest single — sees the Nashville-based songwriter at a crossroads with his relationship to nightlife.

“One More Drink” is a contemplative piano ballad that catches Stinson observing the passage of time, and the ways fun can catch up with us as the calendar turns another page.

“Since it was January and a new year, the thought of bettering myself was in the forefront of my mind,” Stinson recalls. “The song is a reflection of that, but with the sad realization that time passes by quickly. Life is supposed to be fun, but the fun can catch up and, before you know it, you’re 28 going on 30.”

The song was brought to life shortly after quarantine hit, when Stinson departed Nashville to the South Carolina Lowcountry to record at Charleston Sound Studios with Michael Dalbello. Afterwards, Stinson sent the track to Nashville-based producer Dave Matthews (no relation to this guy) for some finishing touches.

Both producers have figured into Stinson’s plans, with regard to recent and upcoming releases.

“Mike and I ended up creating a ton of songs, which he also produced,” Stinson said, noting that already-released singles “Runnin'” and “Worthless” were collaborative efforts between the two. “This next year I will be releasing a mixture of singles, some produced by Dave, and some by Mike.”

For now, enjoy the latest. Check out “One More Drink” below!

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