UMC20: Back in Action (Dec. 8, 2020)

It’s been a minute — actually, it’s been three weeks worth of minutes — since we’ve had a brand new UMC20 that wasn’t a “Best Of” around these parts.

Two weeks ago, we had the Best of November, because that’s what we do on the last Tuesday of each month. Last week, of course, the Big Kahuna was unleashed when we premiered the UMC50 Class of 2020. So, the last time we compiled a playlist of 20 fresh jams was all the way back on November 17!

Let’s make up for lost time, then. We’ve reviewed quite a bit of music over the past three weeks, and we’ve got it all here, in one place. There might be a surprise or two that we haven’t touched yet, too.

It’s all here, and it’s all for you. Check it out!

Track listing
The Southern Gothic – Past Midnight
Lauren Davidson – Halfway to Hungover
Amber DeLaCruz – White Christmas
Christie Huff – Wish List
Holly Clausius – Fallin’ For Friends
Antonio Lopez – Going to the City
Loryn Taggart – The River
Chris Wilcox – Old Shore Troubadour
J.Antonette – Santa Baby
Andrew LaVogue – Sun on Sand Beach
Moonroof – First
Charity Bliss – Welcome to Right Now
brushstroke – Freeze
Max Swan – Gone Away
Allan Fine, Miriam Speyer, and Lord Goldie – Hey Now
Jordan Lehning – Dreams
Call Me Spinster – Two Hearts
Jeremy Stinson – One More Drink
Jillian Rossi – So What
Bellsavvy – In My Zone

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