Daily Spinn: Sabrina Lentini Wants an ‘Xmas Fling’ This Holiday Season

We’ve ridden the highs and lows of love with Sabrina Lentini all year long here at UMC. As we enter the holiday season, it sounds like the Southern California native is still searching for that special someone.

That’s the impression we get on “Xmas Fling,” her new holiday single which was just released today. The tune takes the country sensibility we’ve come to expect from Lentini, peppers in some soul and a dash of old-time rock and roll, and ties it all together with a fun, flirty melody. As the story goes, Lentini finds herself calling out to St. Nick for some holiday magic — not in the form of material gifts, but in the form of romance that will carry her to New Year’s Day.

If your wish was for another fun, original tune for the holiday playlist, you might as well call us your own personal St. Nick… because we’ve delivered “Xmas Fling” to you as today’s Daily Spinn!

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