‘Cashvillians’ HERU HERU Bring Hip Hop Back to Its Roots

HERU HERU’s Ah-Deli and Foundation Mecca find themselves on a mission. Inspired by the golden era and the legends who paved the way, they strive to make room for lyricism in the modern hip hop landscape.

In December, they released their Cashvillians EP. With this latest effort, it seems that they’re well on their way toward accomplishing their mission.

Produced by Konscience Beatz, the five tracks on Cashvillians bring us back to hip hop’s roots, while delivering healing energy and a healthy dose of hometown pride. The Nashville duo’s crafty wordplay weaves effortlessly through tracks like “Movin’ On,” which offers them a chance to stand up for the oppressed and challenge the systems in place. Meanwhile, appreciation for true love and partnership flows on the ultra-vibey “Without You,” which features a soul-infused duet chorus between featured artists Sup3r8 and Ro for a playful, romantic touch.

In all, Cashvillians is a refreshing volume; one that stands out among the current hip hop landscape for its vintage feel, while proving timeless and enjoyable the whole way through. Take a listen!

Track listing
Without You
Movin’ On
New Addition

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