Daily Spinn: Valleyheart Examines the Paradox of the Human Psyche

With today’s Daily Spinn, we welcome you to a world where everything you know is wrong.

That’s the nature of the paradoxical existence depicted in Valleyheart‘s video for their new single, “T.I.K. (Thoughts I Keep). The video, directed by Benjamin Lieber, depicts a man partaking in a series of peculiar behaviors — from ironing fish, to making a sandwich of totally inedible items — to depict the human psyche’s contradictory nature.

“T.I.K” is about how our opposing emotions and thoughts interact,” said Valleyheart frontman and producer Kevin Klein. “I wanted those tensions and weight paralleled in the instrumentation; hence, this probably being the heaviest and hard-hitting track.”

As for the instrumentation, punk-infused vocals reside on top of a wall of sound, built on the foundation of crashing drums and relentless, reverberating guitars. It’s a potent introduction to what figures to be a big 2021 for the award winning Boston rockers, and it’s here for you as today’s Daily Spinn!

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