Alex Southey’s ‘Rosie’ Examines a Strange and Fleeting Love

What’s a person to do, when an initial attraction loses its shimmer?

Toronto-based songwriter Alex Southey asks that question, examining the rise and fall of a mysterious attraction with his new single, “Rosie.” In this case, the object of Southey’s affection is the city of Vancouver, which “sells itself well, but upon arrival, you realize there are a lot of pitfalls: rain all the time, darkness, basements, high price of living.”

This masterfully-crafted soundscape prominently features an atmospheric string arrangement, giving “Rosie” a wandering ambiance that is enhanced by Southey’s own searching, affective vocals. The single — and Southey’s forthcoming album, …And the Country Stirred — was produced by JUNO Award winner and Polaris Prize nominee John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Elliott BROOD) and mastered by Aaron Hutchison (Zoon, Luka Kuplowsky).

For sure, your attraction to this brilliant alt-folk ballad will never lose its shimmer. Check out “Rosie” below!

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