Daily Spinn: Jax Hollow Gives Us Something for the UnderDogs!

We love telling UnderDog stories around here. Frankly, that’s what makes today’s Daily Spinn such a perfect fit for our vibe!

After all, Jax Hollow has named her upcoming album Underdog Anthems, and it drops on Feb. 26. Leading us into the release is her latest single, “Say My Name,” a blazing-hot tale of perseverance from the singer-songwriter and shredder.

“It’s a song about social unrest, 2020 leaving the entertainment industry in ruins, and the resilience of all the creatives,” Hollow said. “We adapt fast because we’re used to being punched around, but we will stop at nothing to continue pursuing our passions and share our futures with the world.”

To support that message, “Say My Name” is packed with firepower, with relentless, hard-hitting drums and Hollow’s face-melting guitar work pushing us forward. Vocally, Hollow shows off her versatility, interspersing hip hop-inspired verses with a triumphant refrain that reflects the Nashville-based artist’s indomitable will power.

Today’s Daily Spinn will leave you feeling like you can dropkick a tornado. Enjoy “Say My Name” below!

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