UMC20: Who Says It’s ‘Groundhog Day?’ (Feb. 2, 2021)

The calendar may read that it’s Groundhog Day, but there’s nothing repetitive about what we have for you on this week’s edition of UMC20.

For starters, there’s a healthy number of artists making their UMC20 debut. For another thing, the majority of these songs are brand new. Take those two facts, and combine them with the fact that we’ve kept variety at the heart of this installment yet again, and we’re sure you’ll feel brand new after checking this one out.

Let’s take you there, shall we? Listen to UMC20 below!

Track listing
Jax Hollow – Say My Name
Borderline Natives – Real Ones
Tarah Who? – Swallow That Pill
The Barettas – Touché
The Dirty Delusions – Life’s a Con
Year of October – Out to Dry
Stray Nova – Bad Luck
Brother Dusty – Don’t Tell the Sheriff
Borrowed Sparks – Marie’s Dress (Acoustic)
Eric & The Soo – She’s Older Than Me
Sam Phelps – Choices
The Daily Fare – The Runaround
Lauren Anderson – Keep On
Fallen Roads – No Ride
Julia Paymer – Therapy
Natalie Duque – Solid Ground
Daphne Browdy – Bookend
Dil – White Dress
Chey Rose – Blush
MICLEY – Inside My Head

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