Daily Spinn: Julia Kahn Shares Some ‘Life Lessons’

The days are getting a little brighter. Maybe it’s time to let the light in.

With that, let’s check in with Julia Kahn. The Nashville-based indie pop songstress released “Life Lessons in the Parking Lot” on January 22. With cool keys and gentle soul vocals, Kahn delivers an uplifting message of hope, perfect for a world in the midst of crawling out from the darkness.

“This is a song I wrote about learning to let the light into your life, even when things feel heavy and unknown,” Kahn said. “It’s about alchemizing the pain into something beautiful.”

As for the title, Kahn says “Life Lessons in the Parking Lot” reflects the typical setting of some of her life’s most pivotal moments.

“Cars and parking lots are a continual symbol throughout my music, because so many transformative internal moments for me happened in my car and in those parking lots,” Kahn said.

Through “Life Lessons in the Parking Lot,” Kahn hopes that listeners are inspired to find new ways to open up to the wonders life has to offer.

“We are all vehicles for something greater to be expressed through us, and that’s what this song is about learning to do: letting the light in,” she said.

Enjoy the transformative power of “Life Lessons in the Parking Lot.” It’s today’s Daily Spinn!

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