On ‘Feeling Around in the Dark,’ Kenna Strikes a Hopeful Tone

Keeping with this week’s theme of finding the light and letting it in, let’s find out what Kenna has been up to.

The Nashville indie pop artist released “Feeling Around in the Dark” on Friday. Marked by cool keyboard tones that lead us into a soaring, atmospheric refrain, the new tune was inspired after Kenna read “The Woman in the Window” by A.J. Finn. The book follows the journey of an agoraphobic woman who is afraid to leave her own home, and who blocks the world out as a result of a traumatic car accident.

“The storyline made me think about my own experiences of blocking the world out in difficult times, in my own way,” Kenna said.

However, the hopeful tone of “Feeling Around in the Dark” suggests that lessons can be found in the shadows of solitude, ultimately helping us to break free of the prisons our minds create.

“As time has passed in my own life, I’ve realized that following the shadows and searching through my dimly lit rooms can lead to self-discovery and meaning,” Kenna noted. “This song is about making the best of what I’ve got, even when everything feels hopeless and bleak. I’m learning to trust in myself and my heart, and to hold onto the hope that brighter days are to come.”

Usher those days in a little more quickly with “Feeling Around in the Dark” below!

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