LISTEN: The Folk Ballad That Wrote Itself

Sometimes, we write songs. Other times, the songs write themselves.

Indie folk songwriter James Leprettre found himself in the latter situation when crafting his latest single, “Paper Bag.” The words flowed effortlessly on one hot summer night, when the painful feelings associated with his one-sided relationship jumped onto the page.

“It’s a perfect description of how I felt about my relationship at the time,” Leprettre recalled. “The song ended up writing itself; it’s as if all my thoughts and feelings expressed themselves onto the page, and I was along for the ride.”

A raw acoustic folk ballad featuring emotive, pain-soaked steel guitar accents and light hand percussion, “Paper Bag” is a song about being used, utilizing a series of metaphors that liken Leprettre’s standing in this relationship to the everyday items we discard without a second glance.

With that said, we’re sure you’ll keep this one around on your chill playlists. Check out “Paper Bag” below!

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