Daily Spinn: Taylor Hughes Calls Upon Her Wild Side on ‘Prayin’ to the Whiskey’

Yes, it’s true. Even good people have a wild side. Those who seem innocent on the surface can, indeed, get a little crazy when night falls.

If you’ve ever been out until closing time on Saturday, and still made it to church on Sunday, Taylor Hughes has something for you. Hughes — who introduced herself to us by way of her debut single, “Good Taste,” last year — just released “Prayin’ to the Whiskey,” a no-holds-barred new single which pairs hard-hitting Southern rock instrumentation with Hughes’ powerhouse country vocals.

“‘Prayin’ to the Whiskey’ is basically a song that talks about the internal struggle I believe most of us have had at one point or another, between being a “good” person, versus having a wild side and liking to party… maybe a little too much,” Hughes said.

On a more wholesome note, the single was a chance for Hughes and her father to co-write together — an opportunity that the Kentucky native always cherishes.

“Music is a family business for me, so whenever he and I can sit down and write together, it always makes the song mean a little more to me,” Hughes said. “We took memories, emotions, and experiences from each of our lives to create this song, and we had a blast writing it.”

“Prayin’ to the Whiskey” was produced by Jason Wyatt, and it’s ready for you below as today’s Daily Spinn!

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