It’s a Wild Time with Sugar Fitz. You Should Have Seen His Apartment…

Sugar Fitz in bathtub to promo You Should Have Seen His Apartment

What happens when you mix one bottle of champagne, a can of spaghetti-os, and two spitfire babes looking for a good time? Well, “You Should Have Seen His Apartment.”

You may already be familiar with the names Carrie Welling (Scary) and Brianna Sage (Rage) — two spunky, strong, lyrically-driven songwriters based here in Nashville. Each has individually found her niche building her own successful career by touring the country, working with impressive names in Nashville, and gaining momentum. What you wouldn’t expect from these two is exactly what they’ve done. The girls have been scheming, and now, the sparks are flying. As a band they’ve become Sugar Fitz, an 80’s pop-/70’s punk-inspired twangy rock duo, and their new single, “You Should Have Seen His Apartment,” has all the attitude suitable for a 2021 girl-power release. 

You Should Have Seen His Apartment hit the airwaves on February 2 with a bold marketing campaign (“You Should Have Seen His…”) and every ounce of personality required to pull off those mustard pumps, bodysuits, and gold lamé. And man, what a bop!

“This song reminds me of The Cars meets girl trash pop.” says Karen Kasey, hitting the nail right on the head.

A modern throwback to glam and glitter, and a shameless announcement of “I do what I want! I don’t care if you think that makes me trashy.” Scary and Rage see it like this:

“It’s not your typical gold-digger song. The lyrics may seem that way, but it’s more of a ‘we know our worth and girls rule’ message. Therefore, we flipped the video on it’s head and did it with sass, trash, and fierce female empowerment.”

So tease your hair, get out the hot pink lipstick, and hit play to see the Sugar Fitz new video, “You Should Have Seen His Apartment,” and stream the song now on all platforms.

*BONUS: Make sure you peep their YouTube account for fun behind the scenes and blooper reels.

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