Daily Spinn: Dave Tsimba’s ‘Drunk’ Words Are Sober Thoughts

Are drunk words truly sober thoughts? Does our lack of inhibition when intoxicated cause us to admit things — to others or ourselves — that we’d otherwise hold back?

Dave Tsimba takes us through that process — and its emotional repercussions — on his new single, “Drunk Pt. 1.” The French-born Congolese rapper feels the burn of unrequited love over a cold and brooding instrumental, acknowledging the pain of starting over without the one he wants. Through the hurt, Tsimba shows a sense of resolve — brought on, perhaps, by a moment of drunken clarity — with the understanding that his legacy is forever imprinted in the mind of his ex-lover.

Indeed, she’ll never find another quite like him — but that reassurance comes with the caveat that it’s up to her to realize it. In time, perhaps she will.

If you like what you hear below, stay tuned. Tsimba is already planning to release his third single of 2021, titled “Out of Place,” next week.

“It’s a New York/UK Drill type song, and hopefully can gain a lot of traction,” Tsimba said about the upcoming single. “I’ll be sending my song out to as many people as possible, over and over until someone says it’s hitting.”

For now, enjoy “Drunk Pt. 1” as today’s Daily Spinn!

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