UMC20: In Like a Lion (Mar. 2, 2021)

The first UMC20 of the month always gives us some catching up to do.

With a “Best Of” edition always arriving on the last Tuesday of every month, we have two weeks worth of reviews, features, and submissions that we can consider for inclusion whenever the calendar turns. We usually have plenty to work with, regardless of the time of month, but the extra week gives us even more tunes from which to choose.

And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing. What we have below is a true variety pack, from modern hip hop to bluegrass, and about 18 places in between. Check it out for yourself!

Track listing
Seth Witcher – The World is Falling
Dave Tsimba – Drunk Pt. 1
Ava Frazier – Detox
Chelcie Gette – 1978
David Lennix – Midnight Love
Marta Palombo – Sketches
Josh Jordan – Stolen Hearts
Sanya N’Kanta – Waste My Time
Timothy Myles – Strangers
Mason Zgoda – Postcard to the World
Faded Rose – Don’t Say
Kaitlin Cantrell ft. James Balfour – white stars
Marc Scibilia – Rivals
John Smith ft. Sarah Jarosz – Eye to Eye
Sugar Fitz – You Should Have Seen His Apartment
Jenny Teator – Black Cherry Heart
Meg Williams – Fuel for My Fire
Kristen Ford & June Millington – Radio
The Shootouts – Here Come the Blues
Pony Bradshaw – Sawtoothed Jericho

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