Daily Spinn: Virginia Punks Wage War on the Diet Industry

Save your keto for someone else, because Richmond, Virginia-based punks Talk Me Off have had enough of the diet industry.

The trio just released their new single, “Counting Digits,” this past Friday. The single can best be described as fast, hard-hitting, and gritty, as it takes aim at the 21st Century societal norms that people — specifically, women — find thrust upon them.

“’Counting Digits’ is expressing my frustration with the Diet industry and with the expectations of people, especially women, to look a certain way. As someone who has struggled with their weight my whole life, it is a constant battle of learning to love myself how I am, and hating myself because my body is not what society says is attractive,” said Talk Me Off frontwoman Holly Herzog. “The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that exists to make money, not to make people healthy. It is a toxic environment that is shoved down our throats by celebrities, social media ads, and judgmental people who are ill-informed of what is healthy.”

The single is the first from the band’s forthcoming EP, Abyss, which is expected this April. Guitarist and vocalist Ryan Cacophony hints that “Counting Digits” is a sign of things to come this spring.

“I think this new EP truly defines our sound,” Cacophony said. “The first single is fast and dark with relatable lyrics — something we’ve always tried to do, but I think this song in particular really nails that TMO formula.”

Take a look into the Abyss and check out “Counting Digits” as today’s Daily Spinn!

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