LISTEN: Chey Rose Gives Us a ‘Big, Warm Bear Hug’

The best relationships — romantic, platonic, or familial — are the ones that make us feel right at home.

Chey Rose pays homage to those types of relationships on her warm and cozy new single, “polyester.” Released on March 4, the new tune employs pulsing synths and heavy lo-fi beats to wrap the listener in a blanket of fresh, modern pop sound, while Chey’s soothing alto articulates the wonders of feeling safe among the ones you love.

“The first line of the chorus, ‘We don’t fit in those perfect places where they’re stuffy,’ came from me just sitting in my room, thinking about my best friends and how unique and special our relationships are,” she said. “Then, I found a title I’d had in my notes for a while, ‘polyester,’ with an idea to use the phrase ‘warm and fuzzy’ in the song. I just started typing and before I knew it, I had the whole chorus down.”

“polyester” was co-written alongside Nashville-based songwriter and producer Evan Cline — who, at this point, should be a familiar name to the UMC audience. Chey approached Cline with the chorus one afternoon, and the result was the finished product you’ll hear below!

“It was definitely one of those magical moments, where I knew with everything in me that this idea was really special,” she said. “This is my favorite song I’ve ever written, and it means so much to me. I hope it makes every person listening to it feel like they’re getting a big, warm bear hug. I hope that, if you don’t yet have a soulmate or safe place, you let this song be yours.”

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