Nothing ‘Rivals’ Marc Scibilia’s Latest Release

Marc Scibilia - Rivals

Arena shows, world tours, dreams coming true — some fantasies do become reality. But, for as monumentally satisfying as these things can be, it is often the tiny, sweet moments with those we love that outshine it all.

Sometimes, those big achievements act as a looking glass, magnifying the realization that, compared to all the magic in the world, nothing “Rivals” those people who mean the most to us. 

Marc Scibilia wrote “Rivals” at a hotel in Munich, Germany, while on an arena tour with Robin Schulz.

“We were playing these massive arena shows. It was a career highlight, but it reminded me the things that are most important to me, I always had: my friends and family, the things that have no rivals,” Scibilia said. “Sometimes, even the most beautiful view, or the most epic accomplishment, just can’t hold a candle to the way it feels to look deep into the eyes of someone you love.”

“I’ve seen the lights come alive in Times Square.
Darling, your eyes are brighter still.”

“Rivals” is a sweet, yet anthemic dedication to the irreplaceable people in our lives; a love song to the people who amplify the beauty we get to experience. Take a listen below, and keep an ear out for the deluxe version of his new album, Seed of Joy, out April 2.

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