PREMIERE: Dan Fuson Lets Go with New Single, ‘On + Off’

As hard as breaking up can be, sometimes it’s the best thing for everyone involved.

With that said, let UMC be the first to introduce you to “On + Off,” the new single from Dan Fuson. The single’s soaring, guitar-driven pop rock soundscape juxtaposes with its subject matter, as the Nashville-based songwriter and producer comes to terms with a relationship that has run its course.

“Have you ever felt like you were in a one-sided relationship, but somehow you kept at it for the wrong reasons? That’s the gist of how I was feeling writing this song,” Fuson said. “If you care about yourself and the other person, at some point you just have to hit the eject button — no matter how much a part of you wants to stay.”

“On + Off” was written and recorded by Fuson, who co-produced the track with longtime collaborator Jonathan Korzelius at Echo Mixing. Sarah Menefee and Kendall Theile added backing vocals to the project, while drummer Nate Barnes lent his talents from behind the kit.

“I love a song that sounds huge and anthemic and joyful, but is really about something a little darker lyrically,” Fuson said. “I feel ‘On + Off’ really walks that tightrope well, as it deals with an out of control relationship, but is still optimistic about moving on and forward.”

We have the first taste of “On + Off” below for you! Dive in!

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