Daily Spinn: brushstroke Filters COVID-Era Frustrations Through New Single, ‘Lucid’

“Tell me what to do, so I can see the sun again.”

How did you process the complex emotions brought about by 2020? brushstroke wrote a song about it.

The eclectic, Philly-based artist released “Lucid” on Friday. A hazy blend of neo-soul, alternative R&B, and psychedelic rock, the single is a five-minute venting session brought on by the events of the most unpredictable year we’ve ever seen.

“The concept of the track really just stems from a lot of stress and anger that myself, and I’m sure lots of other people, we’re feeling throughout 2020,” said brushstroke songsmith Eoin Murphy.

The soundscape reflects those sentiments, with a hypnotic psych groove that projects a weariness with the world’s current state of affairs. That — coupled with pointed lyrics that criticize society’s inequitable ills — make “Lucid” a cathartic addition to the COVID-era musical landscape.

Get lost in this “Lucid” dream. It’s today’s Daily Spinn!

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