UMC20: Turn Up the Heat! (Apr. 6, 2021)

Right on time with spring, the fire in our inbox is heating up.

(We mean that in the context of submission quality, of course. We also mean it in the context of our inbox being a raging, uncontrollable inferno of submissions that will probably never be extinguished.)

Anyway, celebrate spring’s warmth and the long-awaited demise of winter — and hopefully, this pandemic thing — with 20 fresh tracks on your New Music Tuesday! We try to touch ’em all on this week’s edition, and the end result is a diverse lineup of songs that’s sure to at least have a flavor or two you’ll like, no matter your taste.

Let’s go!

Track listing
Arkells ft. K. Flay – You Can Get It
Tiblinski – Cohen Records
Red Brick Road – Slick Rick
Down Boy – Can’t Help Myself
Emma Ohm – False Confidence
Tyke T – Lottery
Nate Rose – By Myself
Lacuna J – Fool (For Loving You)
Katie King – Divine
Catalina – Control
Fallen Roads – Don’t Fall
Morris Madrone – Runaways
James Hatem – Summer Air
The Sewing Club – Trying
Arts Fishing Club – With Us All
Ryanhood – Under the Leaves
Zach Russack – Bedford Oak
His His – Sweet Company
Cristina Vane – Badlands
Rene Russell and The Bottom End – Unheard Of

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