LISTEN: Ava Frazier is a ‘Child of the Universe’

Ava Frazier is a self-proclaimed oversharer. On her latest single, the Nashville-based pop artist shares the rollercoaster of her self-love journey.

Produced by Matt Harris, “Child of the Universe” began when Frazier came across an Instagram post from mental health account @revelatori, which inspired the song’s chorus, word-for-word. From there, Frazier turned the single into a reflection on the feelings of inadequacy she’s experienced, and a reminder to show kindness to herself.

“I think we all sometimes feel like we need to change in order to be accepted — whether it’s losing weight, or being funnier, or just hiding the parts of ourselves that make us feel different,” Frazier said. “We are all searching for this sign that we can be loved, and in writing this song, I gave that sign to myself.”

The comforting message on “Child of the Universe” is accompanied by a gentle, atmospheric soundscape driven forth by ambient layers of guitar and keys, with a tender vocal from Frazier that feels like a sonic embrace.

“‘Child of the Universe’ is this big breath of relief to me, like the sun coming up after the darkest night, or stepping off of a rollercoaster that’s been making you sick for far too long,” Frazier said. “It’s about accepting who you truly are and realizing that even the weakest, ugliest parts of you don’t take away from how eternally loved you are by your friends, your family, and the universe. There is something out there that knows you at your worst, and has always loved you anyway.”

Powerful words.

Become one with the ‘Universe’ by having a listen below!

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