UMC20: Love, Anti-Love, and Everything In Between (Feb. 15, 2022)

Given the time of year, we shouldn’t be surprised that we’ve received a bunch of Valentine’s Day — and anti-Valentine’s Day — submissions recently.

You’ll find a lot of those below. You’ll also find a nice multi-genre cross-section of where things stand in the world of independent music, as we journey from hip hop, to soul, to Americana, to rock throughout the course of this 20-song volume.

This is, without question, one of those “something for everyone” weeks of UMC20. Get after it!

Track listing
Foundation Mecca ft. adrianTbass – RADAR
Tee Walls – Rise Up
Keith Mosley – You Ready?
Juju Juice ft. The Morning After Crew – The Rain
Jaxon ft. Dixie Hammel – Devil’s in the Dog House
Fresh Lady – Biscuits with Honey
TROY – Undercover
John Michael Hersey – The Lions
Golden Shoals – Honey You Don’t Know My Mind
Caitlin Quisenberry – I Always Wanted To
Erika Lewis – Loser
Dallas Ugly – Liberated No Ones
Hippies and Cowboys – 20 to Life
Sam Weber – Money
MIDTONES – Believer
Guyville – Should Have Never Dated
The Slashes – Valentine Slip
Mulherin – Better For You
Pierce Alexander – Too Real
BECK BLACK – Transmission

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