Tee Walls Joins Keith Mosley and Esquire for ‘All on Me’

What’s a man to do, when the weight of the world feels like it’s falling on his shoulders?

If you’re the trio of artists behind Wall to Wall Entertainment, you release a banger.

Released on Friday, April 15, “All on Me” (produced by Pale) is a track made for the hustle. Hallmarked by an ethereal soundscape and pulsing 808s, the single features inspired verses from Keith Mosley and Wall to Wall Entertainment CEO Tee Walls, whose speak to persistence through all of life’s challenges. They are accompanied by the velvet-smooth tones of Esquire (Darwyn Henson), whose dazzling refrain adds a generous helping of soul to the track.

“This song relates to the different challenges we face as men – especially as Black men,” Walls said. “We take on a lot and a lot of people count us out. No matter what the objective or the task at hand may be, it’s on us to create change. We will continue to fight and grind, no matter what.”

“All on Me” follows up Walls’ latest single, “Rise Up,” which was released to all major streaming platforms in February. Around the same time, Mosley released his 8-track EP, Baby Makin’ Season, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Listen below!

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