LISTEN: Ever Been ‘Heartbroken in a Honky Tonk?’

Hitting the dance floor can be the best way to turn the tables on a toxic ex.

J.Antonette’s latest single, “Heartbroken in a Honky Tonk,” tells the true story of a painful encounter with a recent ex-boyfriend at American Legion Post 82’s popular “Honky Tonk Tuesday” line dancing night — just one night after he sent a text message to assure her that she was still the one on his mind.

“I walked into the Legion and immediately a nice guy approached me. He asked me if I was alone. I told him, ‘Yes.’ He invited me to join him,” she said. “He was waiting on his friend who was coming with a date. He insisted I’d join them when they arrived so I wasn’t alone. I thought that was kind. He bought me a drink. Before I knew it, the guy I just met was shaking hands with someone. When I looked up, to my surprise, the friend he was waiting on was, in fact, my ex on a date with some random girl. Shocked and shattered, I felt my heart break into one million pieces.”

However, the New York native’s fortunes quickly changed. As she walked to the dance floor to collect herself, another kind stranger saved the day.

“Out of nowhere, a handsome cowboy, decked in the typical Urban Cowboy attire, asked me to dance. He spun me around and we danced the night away,” she said. “It wound up being one of my best nights in Nashville. Since then, I’ve taken up both line dancing and two-stepping as hobbies, and thankfully made some lifelong friends — including that cowboy.”

Hear the story come to life, and check out “Heartbroken in a Honky Tonk” below.

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